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[Updates] Rise of Kingdoms

Here is where we will post major changes and updates for Rise of Kingdoms

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Required Game Settings

You must change the in game settings on all of your Rise of Kingdoms accounts to ensure the bot "sees" the images properly. Failure to complete this step on each of your instances will cause issues.

Remember: For our bots to work correctly, you need to go into each of your accounts and change your game LANGUAGE to ENGLISH.  The bots only speak English and will not detect many of the game buttons if in other languages. The Accounts must also be Level 5 or Higher to work.


Changing Game Settings

  1. Open the Game
  2. Click your Account Icon(image top left)
  3. Click the Settings Icon(gears image bottom right)
  4. Click the General Settings(gear image)
  5. Ensure Graphics quality is Low


Recommended Game Layout 

This is how the bots positions are decided, it's recommended to mix the positions of slot 1-7 and 11-16 and not keep it as in the picture for randomization:

Layout Slots:
1: Free Slot
2: Free Slot
3: Free Slot
4: Free Slot
5: Free Slot
6: Free Slot
7: Free Slot
8: City Hall (Start Position)
9: Hospital (Start Position)
10: Scout Camp (Start Position)
11: Free Slot
12: Free Slot
13: Free Slot
14: Free Slot
15: Free Slot
16: Free Slot


Using Slots

To choose what governor to play set the Slot number to the correct governor:

0 = don’t switch governor
1 = Governor 1 etc

Please ensure that your governors do not use a Star-favorite marking in game. Remove all Favorite Stars in game for the character switch to work. 



  • Official comment

    [14/3/2023] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Alliance Actions

  • [9/01/2022] Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed Research Economy

  • [9/27/2022] Game Update:

    • Updated Game Compatibility for Latest Version
    • Please Update Using the Bot App Installer
  • [10/24/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Fixed Upgrade Resources

  • [10/28/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Gem Gathering

  • [10/30/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Buying Shields with Gems
    - Improved Daily Activities Special Reward

  • [11/09/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Collect Event Rewards

  • [11/23/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Delete Mails for Explore Fog

  • [12/02/2022] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Multi Hunt
    - Improved Use Resources Packs

  • [1/19/2023] Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Alliance Gather

  • [2/1/2023]  Bug Fixes:

    - Improved Legend Chests
    - Improved Alliance Donation

  •  [2/8/2023] Game Update:

    • Updated Game Compatibility for Latest Version
    • Please Update Using the Bot App Installer
  • [2/10/2023]  Bug Fixes:

    - Improved 8 Hour Gather Boost


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