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GN Bots won’t load on my PC?

I go to GN Bots 5 file and open as normal it loads the GN Bots icon in the start menu but does not load the program. Before I reinstall Windows on my PC is this an issue with the bot it’s self like an update or something or an issue with my PC it was working this morning did the usual lunchtime reboot and it now won’t load.


  • Please turn off your anti virus, windows defender or firewall that is blocking the bot from opening.  Some anti viruses will continue to block auto software even when turned off, so you may need to uninstall it until you can verify that is the issue.  At that time, you can reinstall it and attempt to whitelist the bot instead.

  • I don’t have an antivirus program on my PC and windows defender is turned off I will do a fresh install of windows to see if this works obviously something has happened if it is not a program issue then the issue lies with my computer.
    I will update is the issue gets resolved with a fresh windows install.


  • Ok done a fresh install of windows, download GN Bots 5 and MEmu from this website first account working as it did before.

    Tomorrow I will spend the day adding all my accounts back and setting them all up again.

    Once I have done it all I will figure out how to save all settings in case it happens again.


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