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Running multiple accounts


Been looking at the guides and something isn’t very clear to me.

if I have one single account for ROK with multiple characters inside, does the bot circle through those characters? That would implicate going to the options menu, and select the character and perform preset actions in it, and do it all over again untill it reaches the last character.




  • Yes that is correct.  With Rise of Kingdoms you can use slots to run multiple governors from 1 instance.

    For our other games that don't allow multiple characters per account, they must create 1 MEmu instance per account.  Slots is unique to games like ROK.

    Check out the Rise of Kingdoms guide here for those options.

  • I got the free trial running as expected, yet some questions have came up.

    -while the bot is running, and after the last character is “done”, what does it do? Does he return to the beginning? Do we set some sort of timer to restart the cycle (to send farmers f.e.)

    -according to the guide, all cities on the same account must not have the favorite star, what does it happen if some of them have it?

    -what if I don’t want it to run one or more characters in the same account?

    -what happens when I set to farm lvl 6 tiles but there’s none around?


    thanks for you support


  • You need to add one account in the bot for each character you want the bot to play and perform actions in. If you do not want some of the played you simply do not add them to the bot. Inside each account in the bot can you select the same emulator which host all your accounts. This way will it cycle between all the accounts you wish. You can add rules to the accounts to add wait times so they do not stay logged in non stop.

    The character change does not work if you use the stars since it changes the order of the accounts. You need to remove the star mark for the accounts where you want to use one, or more, characters in the bot. 

    If you set the bot to search for level 6 and it can not find any account will the bot automatically search for a lower level tile.

  • Thank you very much for the answer.

     Just to clarify a few details,

    -in the same loggin I have multiple accounts (cities), I know the bot cycles through them all. Is there a way I can choose to skip one city (f.e. If I want to play that myself) would it work if I used a favorite star on those cities for example?


  • No, you can turn the toggle on/off in the bot, however normally would rise of kingdoms kick you out if they play another character while you try to login. If you put a favorite star will the account switching break so that always needs to be turned off. 

  • Hello again,

    I've purchased the license to get more customization from the bot, but something still is unclear. I'll try to explain as best as i can:

    - i know the blot cycles all my accounts in the same login, that works. What i cannot do is, definine what actions i want to take in each city independently, and how to skip on specific city.

    At this moment i have only 1 instance created on Memu, because i only have one account, and the bot is with basic gathering settings for lvl 5 of every resource.


  • Please create a ticket so we can continue to help you out there! Thanks!


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