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Command Line.


I have several scripts that run through put the night, one rebooting servers that get hung processes.  With V1 of the game, I was able to have cron reboot and restart GNBot.  With the new version, is there a syntax that I can use to launch the game with a specific profile, such as: gnbots.exe -p default   etc??





  • Hello, if you activate remote API, then you can do those things via requests. It is still a WIP, so we have not documented it publicly yet. This may change over the next couple weeks, but you can use the following:
    Check the port under settings inside the bot then
    start the gnbots.exe



    let me know if this is enough to tinker around. The next update also contains a simple -start argument for the gnbots.exe

  • How are the updates coming along on API?  Is status on upcoming feature?  It would be nice to check and see what action on which castle is being performed.  Even a tail of the logfile to start.

    Could ultimately dump real-time to a channel.

  • For now, you could use something like: http://localhost:5508/sessions or http://localhost:5508/sessions/1
    There is also a -start argument you can use now in the latest bot update. Just start it with gnbots.exe -start


  • Hello,

    Is it possible to share the current documentation even while not officially supported? Would be great!

  • Yes, even if they are subject to change, it would be helpful to have a list of available api calls.

  • Ezy Hi, this is the second time I have commented. I don't know why it got removed the first time. 
    Any new news? Also, the "val=profilename" is wrong. It is apparently "value=profilename" However, the update is not working; it is resetting the values to 0, for example, the "LocationX" or the "LocationY."

  • Hi there,

    is a Doc out for API ?

    is thier a command to check the Bot is running ?



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