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[Grand Mafia] Zoom Gather (Upgrade)



This is one of the most used features on The Grand Mafia, most players are using it for find and rob diamond tiles.

Would be great if there were more settings to it like:

  1. Choosing the troop type to send to gather. (example using bikes are fastest to walk to the tiles especially when its far)
  2. Choose the level of RSS tile to search for and gather from. (finding level 4s are better than finding lev 2s and more effective to your buttom line which is to get MAX dias from each account without using it too often)
  3. Ability to activate a robbing boost (speeds up robbing, currently I'm logging into each account to activate this)

I feel these upgrade would help us current customers and attract those who aren't customers :)

I hope they're considered.






  • The Robbery Boost is available under the action Turf Buffs.

    For the level of resources tiles is that not possible currently since the bot can't know what level it's finding, however you can help them search in a good area by changing the directions/distance in the bot settings.

    For the troop type will it use the ability to automatically select the troops - high or low level -  depending on what you have selected from before, so if you prefer to rob with t1 bikes is that fully possible if you have it set to use the low level robbery crew and then make sure that you don't have any crew of the other t1s that gets selected prior to the bikes. 


  • It gets automatically set to high level, even though I logged into accounts and used low level.


    Please make a setting where we can choose low level to ensure it.


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