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I am thinking about subscribing to this service. I've downloaded the trial version to try it out. How is this going to be possible if everything is locked? What exactly does the trial version allow you to do?



  • You can use the actions that are not locked to test the free trial.  This is meant to test functionality on your PC.  Once verifying that the bot works on your computer, you can unlock the rest of the actions by purchasing a full access license key.

  • Yeah, I get that but the only thing unlocked is alliance rewards. Even your video only show the setup of the bot and not the actual bot doing the command you just programmed.

  • There are 3 actions unlocked for usage in the Free Trial.  You can check out our other videos which show the bot running for whichever game you are playing.  Check out the YouTube channel below.  Thanks


  • This is tedious. WHICH actions are available in the trial? I've seen the one with 20 sessions and the one showing a script with the video running at 10x speed. This is a trial version and I want to try it out. After spending a LOT of money on STFC I'm very careful how I spend my money towards the game now.

  • You can use any of the actions that don't have a the "crown" icon (king symbol) which signifies that it is a premium action only.  Again, there are 3 you may use in the trial and it depends on which game you play. We have 25 games so without knowing which you are playing, I can't tell you which. Just look for the ones without the king symbol next to them.


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