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How to Transfer Resources?

Can you set the system to transfer resources from three or four accounts to one account?

How then do you transfer from the one account on the platform to your main account not on the system.



  • Yes, Our bot does in fact do this for you. Depending on which game you play the individual action might be called something different on the bot. However the function remains the same. It will transfer resources from your account to a set coordinate or account. "Transfer" or "Alliance help" are two common names for this. 

    With that said however we do recommend you transfer in an "indirect method" such as from farm1 to farm2, farm2 to farm3 and farm 4, farm3 and farm4 to farm5, then to main. Just so that it doesn't show all your farms sending to same point all the time. I just used an example it can be whatever you chose but randomizing the pattern helps to remain undetected to game developers and other players in game. 

    Another good way to get to your main account is to have your farms collect the resources then use your main account to manually plunder the collection site. This is a very good way because you can randomize your collection farm so you are not always plundering the same base thus looking more authentic. 

  • Thanks.
    I am playing Mafia City.
    I will dig deeper to see what I can find.
    New to farming and till this point only played one account in the game.
    You may hear from me again.

  • How do you create a bookmark for you target farm?

  • You would need to log into the farm manually using multi memu. Once you log in you can manually set the bookmark as you would from your phone. 


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