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Only import the new instances from memu?

I have profiles setup already and 25 accounts/instances. I add 10 more accounts on multimemu and when I go to "add a new account" on the profile it starts adding the original 25 instances over again before it gets to the new ones. So i have to go back and delete all the others. Even adding 1 new account to the profile I need to delete 25 instances to keep the one on the profile.

It takes too long to make a new profile and go back and make all the settings the same from the others.



  • What you can do to solve this is the following steps:
    1. Create 1 new account.
    2. Open the Action Editor and edit which account you want to start from, the first of the new 10 accounts.
    3. Close the Action Editor.
    4. Tap the Add a New Account button and the bot will keep adding from the last added one. 

  • That does not solve the problem. The problem is when you add 10 new accounts, and click "Add a new account" - it starts at Instance 1, not Final Instance +1.

    For example, I have 31 current instances with profiles running. If I add a new emulator (instance 32), it will require me to re-add profiles 1-31 first, and then it will add 32. Which means I then have to delete the new 1-31, because they are duplicates.

  • If you add 1 account first, then manually edit the instance you want to use for that account, for example instance 32, then use the Add a new account button after will they automatically select the following ones. You can also edit freely which instance are selected in the new accounts you add inside the action editor.


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