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Disable Closing Unused Emulators?

I can run 4 emulators at a time on my system with no problem, but I only run 2-3 sessions at a time, and want to keep one open at all times that I manually control, but the bot continues to close it.

Is there anyway to prevent that?



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    The bot is automatically closing any extra emulators and instances, to prevent the system from becoming unstable over time. Most users set the maximum sessions to whatever their machine can handle, so any additional instance can be fatal and crash the instances/bot or even worse the whole operating system.

    On top of that having an additional unused instance running, while the bot does its thing, can cause instability when executing commands. The bot might lose connection to one and therefore some commands like a tap are not registered, causing other parts of a running action to fail. 

    Right now we don't provide any options to prevent it from happening.

    Hope this answers your question.

    Happy Botting

  • Hello,

    not sure if the question fits the topic.

    i've used gnbots in the past with one account (1 instance) which has many characters inside. I've recently started using it again and using the exact same config (i saved the script) i see that same account is continuosly closing the emulator while cycling through all the characters inside that account.

    Could it be some wrong configuration of, as you stated above, it is done to keep the stability?


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