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[The Grand Mafia] Join Raid

Join Raid and Or Initiate Raid .

We get a lot of resources form lupo raids , Every two weeks game drops intel house through kingpin battles .

Through farming have a lot of them saved up . 

Just joining raid would be great but imagine this .

Farm Raid Feature . 

Have 20 farms same city same faction . Farm 1 launches intel house 10 min timer . Farm 1 closes farm 2 through 20 join . 

I manually joined on farm account . have 82 lupo tokens after maxing  . that's 4 mil diamonds .With this feature my farming will get a 10x boost 




  • We have received your request and appreciate the feedback.

    We use the upvote and downvote system to let the community decide which features get added.

    The higher the votes, the higher the priority, and possibility that it will be added in the future.

    Ensure you Follow the Updates Section for Notifications.  Thanks!

  • +1 for me on this def a good feature to have aswell as with this feature add a option for 1 troop to join or presets would top this feature off 


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