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Skipping Instances


Is there a way to only log into certain instances once or twice a day. 

I have 21 instances running nicely at the moment, where they log in several times a day to send out farmers, etc.. but i would like to add a couple more where i only want to log in and perform actions once every 8 hours at most (without logging into the account).

Is that possible?



  • for those instances just schedule actions that only happen at certain times of the day.. 

    If there are no actions to run when the bot gets to that instance, the instance won't be launched and will simply be skipped until the next time.




  • you can add the desiered action, and the add a timer skip for 8 hrs.  after the the action is completed succesfully this action will not run for the next few hours. After 8 hrs the action runs again.


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