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Skip Instances

Is there a way to limit certain accounts / instances to only logging in once or twice a day. For example, i have 21 farms that log in every few hours to send out troops. I would like to add another couple of accounts, but only have them logged in 2 times per day to perform certain actions.

I know you can skip actions, but the instance will still open up the account and then close it back down after skipping the actions. I don't want the account to open up outside of specific times 



  • You can add skip to all the actions and then it will not open them up when all skip timers are still running. We are also looking into adding support for a skip for the entire action as whole as well. 

  • Bonnie, does that also work if you have for example all of your actions with a timer to only run between 06:00 and 23:59, for example? The bot won't open any of the instances outside of those times?

  • Yes, using the only run during certain times will also work to be able to skip specific accounts. 


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