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[Evony TKR] Gem Accelerator

I would like the option to be able to use gems or accelerators in actions

It would be really nice if you could add it in the actions or put it as a full action. You choose.



  • Gem Accel. are things we never really added to the games we bot, but if you could show us what you are looking for, we could check out these things you want.

  • We have the possibility to be able to use accelerators or gems to finish the action quickly. For example, the construction of a building. Almost for all actions in the game, there is a possibility to use accelerator or gem.
    Today I ask that. For actions presented on the bot.

  • I've submitted a bunch of photos in a current bot server ticket for the functions available for this game that we need to be able to run it correctly, including pictures of a current bot system for evony


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