Add Unlimited Accounts

Adding Accounts in GnBots & Emulators

This guide will help you add accounts in GnBots and your Emulator.  We will also show you some optional advanced settings you can use to add a bunch of accounts quickly with MEmu sync. Please ensure you follow all steps completely and carefully as any wrong setting could cause errors within the bot.


Step 1: Add Accounts in MEmu or Nox Player

First ensure you have already downloaded and installed the MEmu emulator or Nox

Note: The PC Version requires you to download the bot and emulators on your own. All of this is already installed on the Bot Server for those on the Mobile Plan.


Go to the desktop and open Multi-MEmu or Nox Instance Manager.

Click New and Select Android 7.1 (32 Bits)

You have now created 1 Farm Account

Click the small square pencil to the right of your account to Rename It.

Type a Name and only use A-Z and 0-9. (No Special Characters).

Each Instance Name must be different (Don't use the same names).

Repeat this process for each farm account you have.

Note: Each instance represents 1 phone. If you have 10 instances, that's like having 10 phones and each one will have a separate game account on them.

You have now successfully added accounts to your emulator and can now add the accounts in the bot.


Step 2: Add Accounts in GnBots

At this point you should have already completed the following:

1. Downloaded and Installed MEmu or Nox Player

2. Have already created accounts in the multi-instance manager.

Now we are going to link the emulators accounts to the bot. We will come back to the emulator after.


Click the Overview tab on the left.

Click the Accounts tab underneath it.

Click the Add a New Account button.

Enter a Name for the Account with No Special Characters. (Like Mafia City Account 1)

Click the Square Health Icon (1) to Start the Account Healthcheck

Click the Fix All button to correct any emulator settings issues.

Click the Puzzle Icon (2) to install the correct version of the game.

Important:  You must always use the puzzle icon to install the correct game version! If you install or update from the Google Play Store the bot will not work correctly as the graphics will be different.

You are now ready to login to the game accounts to complete the link.


Step 3: Login to your Game Accounts

Now that you have completed the health check, installed the game with our app installer, and added the account in the bot - You can now go ahead and login to your own game account inside the emulator.


Press the Start button next to the instance in the emulators instance manager.


Open the Google Play Store inside the emulator and Login to the Google Account of the farm.

Note: Do NOT install or update the game from the Play Store after login as it will not be the correct game version! You must always use our installer in the bot for things to work correctly.

Open the Google Play Store again if needed

Search for Google Play Games

Click the Update button if an update is available

Click your for Google Play Profile Icon


Click the Settings tab within the Google Play Store

Click the Networks Preferences tab

Click the Auto-update apps tab

Click Don't auto update apps (so you dont get a version mismatch later)

Close Google Play and go to the Emulator desktop

Once the game loads, complete the tutorial (if the game requires it) and go to your account profile.

Switch to your Farm Account

Repeat this for all accounts you have so that each instance is logged into a different farm account.

You now have your farm accounts in the emulator, logged into the game,  and linked to the bot.

You may now click the Gear Icon (3) in the bot to access the Action Editor and enable actions!

Next Step → Click Here to Learn How to Use the Action Editor


How to Run Multiple Accounts at Once

There is a big difference between Number of Accounts Running at Once and Total Accounts – It’s important that you understand how these work as your bot will not work if these are set incorrectly.

1 Account Running at Once can rotate through unlimited total accounts.

Number of Accounts Running at Once are how many accounts that you want to run at the same time.

If you set the Number of Accounts Running at Once to (1)

The bot will open account 1, perform the actions, close account 1 and open account 2 etc.

If you set the Number of Accounts Running at Once to (2)

The bot will open 2 accounts, perform the actions, close both accounts and open the next 2 accounts etc.


For example, If I had 40 total accounts on my bot, I would set my Number of Accounts Running at Once to 2

We recommend using (1) Number of Accounts Running at Once per 20 accounts total.

Don’t raise Number of Accounts Running at Once past 4.

Each additional running at once requires more PC resources and will eventually freeze your system.

Once again, you can run 300+ accounts with just 1 running at once if you like.

Ultimately the number of accounts you can run at once depends on your PC’s hardware and memory size.

Keep an eye on your CPU & Memory.

Next Step → Click Here to Learn How to Use the Action Editor


How to Add Existing MEmu Accounts

If you are switching from a previous GnBots version or already have MEmu accounts setup, you can easily load those existing instances into the bot using the Manage Profiles option.


Go to the Accounts tab
1. Click "Manage Profiles"

2. Select "Create Profile From Existing MEmu Instances"

3. Type a Name for the Account

4. Click "Create"


How to Create Lots of Accounts with MEmu Sync

Use the MEmu sync tool to perform the same actions on multiple accounts at the same time. This is helpful when going through game tutorials to bind many accounts.


Open the instances in MEmu that you want to use the sync tool at. In servers don’t open more then 3-5 at the same time. Open the menu to find the sync tool in one of your open windows.


Open the sync tool.


Press the Play button and the actions you perform in that window will also be executed in the other open windows.

Last Shelter Survival is especially annoying as they don't have the "skip tutorial" option to complete them easily.  For LSS, place the Power Plant without building it and then go into menu to switch account.

With this trick, you only need to complete the tutorial to the Power Plant stage instead of going all the way to the end.

We know this can get annoying, but please understand that these are game restrictions and unfortunately, required by them to set up new instances.


Be sure to read these other helpful guides that will improve your botting experience!


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