How to Bot Safely

Can I get banned?

90% of our games do not care if you use a bot.  We have never had a ban in the majority and you are free to run the software 24/7 without stopping.  That being said, certain games have taken a stand against botting as many Chinese players run millions of bots and sell the resources.

The games which care the most are Last Shelter Survival and Rise of Kingdoms.  However, even these games have only cared on a couple occasions. They don't investigate thoroughly and as long as you follow this guide, your accounts should remain safe.

Out of the tens of thousands of accounts we have, only a couple hundred have ever been banned.  Only 2 ban waves have ever happened in the history of the games.

That being said, its best to follow these strategies regardless of the game you play.

What Causes a Ban?

The bot has plenty of anti-ban features that keep it from being auto detected.  These include humanized clicking (just as a human would) and randomization techniques (so the bot never clicks in the same place twice).  It would be nearly impossible to automatically detect its actions.

So how do they detect the bot?

You get reported by another player and then the moderators manually investigate your account.

They then simply look at the number of times you've logged into the game, the amount of time you've spent in the game, and the number of things you've done in relation to those 2 things.  If their investigation shows that your account has unrealistic results, they may flag it for ban.  It would be impossible for a human being to be logged into the game 24/7 - so its easy to see that a bot was used.


How Do We Look Realistic?

The bot logs into the first account, performs the actions, closes the account, and then logs into the next account.  At this point: The game makes you wait until the gathers return, or the buildings finish upgrading, or the gifts can be collected again etc.

If your account logs into that account again BEFORE those times have expired, you are putting yourself at unnecessary risk. There is NOTHING the bot can do until the game lets you (time expires).  You want to earn the MAX amount of resources the GAME allows with the LEAST amount of time spent in the game.

You need to calculate how long the account needs to "Rest" and ensure it is ONLY logging into that account when its ready for new actions to be performed.  This can be done a few different ways..


1)  We use the WAIT action

This action can be put in each account which tells the bot to "WAIT" between X minutes and Y minutes before moving onto the next account.  You can also put a WAIT at the end of your very last account so it rests the whole bot before starting the cycle again.  This is how you keep from looking unrealistic as it keeps you off the game during times you couldn't do anything anyway.

For Example: The bot starts Account 1 > Auto Gathers > Auto Trains > Waits between 2 minutes and 20 minutes > The bot starts Account 2 > Auto Gathers > Auto Trains > Waits 30 minutes > The bot starts Account 1 again.

Had you not used a WAIT action, you would have logged in 10x in this amount of time, spent 100% more time in the game, but earned NOTHING MORE.  Unnecessary Risk.

You find the wait options in the clock icon inside the action window.


2) We Use The Proper Account Number vs Account Ratio

You now know that the risk comes with the amount of time spent on each account.  Using the proper session vs account ratio is a very important factor in keeping your account safe.

Sessions are the number of accounts running at once. 

Lets say you only have 4 accounts and you run 1 Account at Once.  The bot will open account 1 > perform actions > open account 2 > perform actions etc. So it takes time to get back to account 1. This is good and with only 4 accounts, you should be using a long WAIT.

If you run 2 Accounts at Once, you just doubled your time spent in game as you now have 2 accounts running at once.  If you run 4 Accounts at Once on 4 accounts, you are botting 24/7.

For this reason, we recommend 1 Account at Once per 20 accounts.  Remember, you can only farm what the game allows, so using more sessions DOES NOT mean you are going to get more resources - it just means more time spent botting and higher risk of flag.


3) We Use More Accounts

For those who want to bot 24/7 and as fast as possible, you need more accounts.  The more accounts you have being cycled, the longer it takes to get through them all, and the less time in game you spend on each of them.  If you have 100 accounts, you really don't need a wait as its waiting long enough to complete the cycle.  This also allows you to use more sessions.

It's relative - You just need to ensure YOU are not OVER-BOTTING your accounts. (To run the bot unnecessarily while the cool down period is still active).


4)  We Stay Discreet

Yes, botting is against the Terms of Service of many games.  While they arent able to automatically detect you - there are jealous players who will report your bot farms if you are obvious about it all.  For this reason, its important you stay discreet.

Do NOT mass name your accounts: Farm1, Farm2, or Bobs Main, Bobs Farm etc.  Use different random names that don't connect one account to another.  If you are reported by another player or they investigate one of your accounts, and see all of your other farms near it - Why wouldn't they just knock them all out at once?

Don't hive your farms:  Like putting your main account in the middle and all your farms surrounding it.  Spread them out a bit to where someone looking wouldn't immediately notice.

Don't bot chat in game:  Obviously don't mention a bot in any sort of in game chat where keywords can be monitored.

Don't post your account anywhere: Don't use the same name of your account on Discord, forums, or other 3rd party places. Definitely don't post screenshots. You never know who is looking.

Don't clone instances:  Cloning instances makes your devices appear the same, its impossible to have 10 phones that are the same so its pretty obvious.  Always CREATE NEW instances.

Don't put your main on the bot:  This way even under the worst circumstances, your main account stays safe.  Use the tips above to ensure they aren't discovered by association.

Don't mass transfer to your main:  Spread the resources around between your farm accounts, don't simply transfer all resources to your main making an obvious path targeted straight to your main account. Mix it up some.

Don't make large transfers:  Doing too large of transfers, even when spread around to many accounts can raise red flags to game developers.  Keep the transfers small and frequent to fly under the radar.


Once again, its very rare that a player gets banned.  If it does happen, don't get discouraged.

Try to identify the way they may have targeted you from the guide, make the adjustments and then continue with the changes.  The great thing about a bot is it lets you run UNLIMITED accounts.  If they ban 1, create 100 more and teach those nasty game devs a lesson.

While this guide was created for the bot disliking games like LSS & ROK - It's good practice to follow this advice regardless.  Good luck and happy botting!




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  • I'm not sure why I'm the first one to post here but the advices are awesome. When you look into them closely you discover it's not just common sense but they come from someone who was really hardened using the bots besides the fact he/she is a veteran gamer. It takes a tremendous time in gaming to become 'fluent' in stuff like this. Thank you.


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