Copy Actions & Manage Profiles

Copy Actions to Multiple Accounts

Here is how you can copy Action Settings from one account to multiple accounts

or you can apply Default Settings across all instances.

1. Select the Accounts
2. Right Click one of the accounts
3. Click "Apply to Selected"
4. Choose an Account to copy the settings from
5. Click "Apply to X Accounts"

To create or switch profiles, you can also right click the "Add a New Account" button


Copy Actions to Only One Account

Here is how you can copy Action Settings from one account to another account.

1. Right Click the Action you want to import settings to
2. Click "Import"
3. Select the Account you want to import settings from
4. Click "Load"

Now that action will match the settings you imported from.



Duplicate Actions

You can run actions multiple times using the "Copy" feature to Duplicate Actions.

  1. Open the Action Editor Window
  2. Right Click on the Action you want to Duplicate
  3. Click "Copy"

Do this again to create 3, and again to have 4 etc.

You can create an unlimited number of duplicated actions.


Managing Profiles

From the Accounts Tab in the bot can you Create and Load different profiles through the button Manage Profiles.


If you want to create a New Profile can you select between the different options:
1. Create an Empty Profile - this options create an empty list where you can use the Add a New Account-Button to add your accounts one by one. 

2. Clone Selected Profile (default) - this options creates a second identical copy of the previous profile.

3. Create Profile From Existing MEmu Instances - this options will create an empty account in the bot for each of your emulators in MEmu. 


Looking for something else? Search the Bot Settings Section of the Community.

Be sure to read these other helpful guides that will improve your botting experience!


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  • I believe it should say apply from, not apply to if when the menu opens your supposed to select the one you are applying from.


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